AnTai Logistics

 Let's get on the road in the truck we love!


Our Goal 

Hey, this is AnTai Logistics, our goal is to create a quality gaming experience for our players, and if you want to join us, then please join us at Disocrd/KooK and let's work together towards our goal!

AnTai Staff Team


He's our founder, and he runs VTC, and he's in charge of the brand, and he sometimes suggests different things.


He's the CEO of AnTai, everything within VTC comes under his management, and he's leading us through a different kind of gaming experience!


He is the COO of AnTai and is responsible for VTC's operations as well as hiring and sometimes Event Management!


He's the Community Manager at AnTai, responsible for community management at VTC We affectionately call him 887!

Ji Tui Bao

He is the Event Manager for AnTai and is responsible for all Convoy/Event planning within the VTC!

Now is the time to join us in the fight for our goal!